Monday, 15 November 2010

American Express launches Cash IQ app

Cash IQ is a new, free iPhone and iPod touch game featuring four addictive and fun cash-focused brainteasers:

The new title is actually a series of mini games, “designed to stretch and flex mathematical and memory based skills.” The mini-games included are:

Beat the Bank – where coins of various denominations drop from the top of the screen into a piggybank. Your goal is to correctly state the balance remaining inside at the end of each sequence. Once a sequence has finished, a calculator-type interface appears, and you should quickly enter the amount you believe is remaining.

Check Your Balance – where you place shopping bags on a seesaw, ensuring that when it finally rests it is evenly balanced. Each bag represents a different item, such as groceries or clothing.

Shopping List – which is a version of the classic memory game with a conveyor belt that moves a selection of items across the screen in sequence. Once the final item has scrolled across the screen, a grid appears and you must tap to select each of the items from the grid in the order that they were scanned.

Flip & Pin – you flip different shaped tiles around a 12×12 grid and cover the highlighted areas completely. Within each level, you will be given sufficient shaped tiles to correctly complete the puzzle with a limited number of pins available to hold tiles in place. Tiles, of course, must lay flat and as you progress the areas and shapes become larger and more complex.

I've given the game a go and for a free app it's very good. The graphics are colourful and friendly and the gameplay addictive. Each level has the right balance of difficulty to ensure that it is fun to play - memorising the items at the checkout is a nice modern day take on the Generation Game finale that I used to watch as a kid.

What is also nice is that the game isn't overly branded yet communicates the message that American Express offers 5% cashback with every score having 5% added on!

The game was developed by Fish Labs (makers of the Barclaycard waterslide game) and can be downloaded or search for 'cash IQ' on the app store.