Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Monday, 15 November 2010

American Express launches Cash IQ app

Cash IQ is a new, free iPhone and iPod touch game featuring four addictive and fun cash-focused brainteasers:

The new title is actually a series of mini games, “designed to stretch and flex mathematical and memory based skills.” The mini-games included are:

Beat the Bank – where coins of various denominations drop from the top of the screen into a piggybank. Your goal is to correctly state the balance remaining inside at the end of each sequence. Once a sequence has finished, a calculator-type interface appears, and you should quickly enter the amount you believe is remaining.

Check Your Balance – where you place shopping bags on a seesaw, ensuring that when it finally rests it is evenly balanced. Each bag represents a different item, such as groceries or clothing.

Shopping List – which is a version of the classic memory game with a conveyor belt that moves a selection of items across the screen in sequence. Once the final item has scrolled across the screen, a grid appears and you must tap to select each of the items from the grid in the order that they were scanned.

Flip & Pin – you flip different shaped tiles around a 12×12 grid and cover the highlighted areas completely. Within each level, you will be given sufficient shaped tiles to correctly complete the puzzle with a limited number of pins available to hold tiles in place. Tiles, of course, must lay flat and as you progress the areas and shapes become larger and more complex.

I've given the game a go and for a free app it's very good. The graphics are colourful and friendly and the gameplay addictive. Each level has the right balance of difficulty to ensure that it is fun to play - memorising the items at the checkout is a nice modern day take on the Generation Game finale that I used to watch as a kid.

What is also nice is that the game isn't overly branded yet communicates the message that American Express offers 5% cashback with every score having 5% added on!

The game was developed by Fish Labs (makers of the Barclaycard waterslide game) and can be downloaded or search for 'cash IQ' on the app store.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Bulmer's launches iphone app

There's still a tiny bit of British Summer left, and even better, it's a Bank holiday weekend so it's time to head to the nearest pub garden and soak it all in before the leaves turn brown and we all lock ourselves away in our homes for six months gazing longingly out of the window waiting for the big ball of orange burning gas to shows it's face again.

How does one find such a pub garden you may ask? The answer is simple - with this new app from Bulmers that uses Augmented Reality to guide you on your way. There's a nifty demo video here:

What's more it's free! You can search for 'Bulmers' at the app store or get it from itunes

Monday, 2 August 2010

A-Team comes to iphone. What you wait'n for fool?

Here's a sweet new app for the iphone that I've been involved with. The A-Team Action Pack

You can relive those classic episodes or create your own over-the-top action sequences with vehicle sounds, catchphrases and motion activated weapon sound effects. If you need to see more check out this demo showing what you can do with it:

I personally think it’s best when you and a mate download it and lob grenades at each other across a room.

It's to promote the A-Team Series 1 release on itunes making it possible to watch vintage original A-team on your ipad, iphone and ipod touch!

If you're in trouble, if you need an app, and if you can find it, you need the A-Team app!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ipad game - save the world

Had my first go on an ipad this week, playing this nice little game called W.A.R.P from Unit 9 - it's got a great physics engine.

It's available from the itunes store if you fancy a go at trying to save the world.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Let Tiger beer guide you

<a href="">LinkedTube</a>

Working with Exposure to promote their iphone application for tiger Beer. It being the year of the Tiger as of the 14th of February they have very cleverly made them the source for all things Chinese New Year. They have a microsite which provides an excellent guide to the goings on plus an iphone app with augmented reality. Download, head to Chinatown and let it be your guide for the night.

For the bus ride down there, there's this addictive little game, make deliveries in your tuk tuk avoiding crashing.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Got a dog? There's an app for that

The applications for iphone are staggering and I am currently seeding my first iphone application - Dogbook. While at first you wouldn't believe there could be an iphone app for your dog, it is actually incredibly useful. You can locate the nearest park anywhere in the world via your location on GPS, you can see what other dogs are nearby should you lose your dog you can send an 'arf' alert to other users within 15km with a photo of the dog so it can be found again. Iphone makes life that little bit easier once more. Download it for free from itunes